Friday, 17 July 2015

Features of BitHalo by David Zimbeck

David Zimbeck describes here under feature of BitHalo:
Contracts are Unbreakable
BlackHalo is the only program offers revolutionary unbreakable contracts! This allows you to agree on literally anything and know the other party will honour their word. Using double deposit, theft is impossible. Escrow isn’t needed, no middlemen or websites holding on to funds. Read the whitepaper and documentation for more details. One year in business!
Decentralized Markets
New feature those are available now! We also feature the world’s first truly decentralized marketplace! It’s totally FREE. No fees, no arbiters, no chargebacks. You can trade internationally with anyone. It is like a combination of E-Bay, Alibaba and Odesk! There are no servers and no bloat. There is no limit to what you can do here. You will find an entire economy exists inside the software.

The software can switch from Bitcoin to Blackcoin with the click of a button. USD integration allows you to pay in exact dollar amounts by synchronizing with exchange rates. Same keys are used for both coins! It is very user friendly making crypto fun and easy to use. You should learn cryptocurrency even if you are new to it.

Cash for Coins, Anywhere in the World
Anyone in the world has access to cryptocurrency. Halo allows for unbreakable wires and western unions! There are unlimited funding options. No more meeting in person, no more uncertainty, no more websites. Everything is handled peer to peer. Theft is impossible thanks to the contracts.
Hire an Employee & Find a job
David Zimbeck says that the employee must perform, and the employer must pay. Perhaps the most powerful use case of all is the ability to hire knowing the work must get done. Now people must be honest about credentials and not pad their hours! Absolutely perfect for outsourcing! As an employee you can be confident you will get paid. Time extensions allow for long term contracts.

Joint Accounts
Completely automated joint account creation allows you to form any type of partnership you wish. Share an account with a partner, spouse or friend. Approve all payments together. You will have advanced sending options for paying simultaneous addresses.

Advanced security
Every account uses two keys! Your account is unhackable especially if two locations are used (2FA). Hide your keys inside of images making them impossible to find. Sign transactions from two locations at once. All of this is automated in the software. Give each key a different password! Your security will be on a whole new level.

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